Rencontres culturelles de la vallée de joux

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I became motivated to investigate different feeding systems after I noticed how horses kept in any kind of enclosure other than pasture, became fixated on food! I started off being led around on a pony at a stable in Nairobi, Kenya when I was 2. Everything I learned over the course of the next decade, where I accumulated three horses and two foals, was taught to me by Dobbin. I was trained first by a horse. The two worlds have very little in common… Read more.

Tomás Alegre - Beethoven Sonata No.21 in C major, Op.53 "Waldstein" Mov. II & III (HD)

The Lure of Dominance So was my one-week-old foal delivering a spiritual message and facilitating emotional healing for me; or was he just attacking me for fun, or testing me? Rewilding the Herd — As We Live and Breathe In my last post in this series, I talked about the purgatorial state that follows big changes — that part nobody warns you about, Read more. The Paradox of Natural When I was fourteen and lost in my own dark mind, I found comfort in this particular paradox presented by my Buddhist father: